About NeedtoKnow Policy Consultancy

I am the principal of a newly-established Need to Know Policy Consultancy (ABN 28 892 957 273) specialising in analysis of social security, employment, and tax policies, and poverty and inequality in Australia, and policies to reduce them.

Services include:

  • preparation of research and policy reports, and submissions
  • policy and strategic advice
  • learning from international experience in social policy
  • speaking at conferences and seminars
  • seminars and round-tables on public policy issues
  • training in public policy analysis and advocacy.

Contact Peter Davidson on (02)95596339 or 0414139902, or at the email address below  for queries and quotes.

Email: needtoknowau@gmail.com

So far, the consultancy has prepared the following reports:

About Dr Peter Davidson

I’ve been researching, developing and advocating social and economic policy for many years. Over the years I’ve praised, opposed, analysed, and influenced Government tax, social security and employment policies, both from the outside (as advocate) and inside (on expert panels and advisory boards).

I am employed part-time as Principal Advisor at the Australian Council of Service (ACOSS).

In addition, I have been appointed Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney.

I completed a PhD at the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney in 2018. My thesis was a history of activation policies for long-term unemployed people in four countries.

For more information on my work, use the links the top of this page.

My policy blogs are also accessible on this website, using the links at the top and right hand side of this page.



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